Gluttony in “Triumphant” Pink

“Stop eating so many sweets Dani you’ll get fat” he says looking at me with those piercing eyes. I popped another sugary and yummfuckinglicious frosted cookie in to mouth glaring back at him with a mocked smirk upon my pouty frosting covered lips.

Rising from the my seat and sighing loudly as I climbed upon the table & plant both feet triumphantly among the sweet laden surface. Looking down and then throwing my arms into the air I declared for the world to hear…..”Fiddle dee dee Rhett…if I do get fat, I will still have this scrumptiousliuptios “Triumph” boots from Gos to slide upon my pretty fat  feet!”

  I grew light-headed suddenly,  my vertigo kicking in at the most inopportune time to kick in, knowing that I was about to faint; but needing to win this one small victory… lashes lowered almost….coyly. Quickly  I scanned the layout of the table and made a decision to  gracefully yet dramatically fall upon it……yes like a Boss.


I was down but not defeated and hello there was another yummy cupcake close to my mouth screaming to be devoured on my sweet, luscious lips. I reached out a well manicure hand with Izzie’s Classic Nails and grabbed  a decadent morsel. Popping it into my mouth and munching  while he looked on shaking his head at me ……pfft proved my point at least.



Gos by Gospel Voom: Mesh Triumph Boots

Schadenfreude by : Pink Cupcake Gluttony Lingerie

Exile by: Famous for Nothing Hair

Izzie’s by Izzie Buttons: Classic Nails

Aura: Tyr Rozenblum: Helena Skin


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