Yoli on a Saturday Afternoon

So it’s moments before the Festival of Sins opens and

I decided to toss-up one last posting before

I break the bank with new purchases.

The dress I am wearing is by Baiastice and

available at this rounds The Dressing Room!

Song I’m listening to is Bach Double Violin Concerto

…..yes it’s a chillaxin kinda day!


Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa: Yoli Dress 

G Field by Cerebus Noel: Kate Pumps 

Glue Ink by Becks Ysabel: No Regrets Tattoo Sleeves

Leo-Nt by Lady Leonard: Pray For Me Necklace

Sey by Risey Arai: Drumcase

Izzie’s by Izzie Button: Classic Nails 

Lagyo by Gyorgynia Larnia: Hop Bird Earrings

Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel: Takara Bangles

Shag by Sebastien Aries: She Sells Sanctuary 

The Body Co. by thebodyco: Orchid Skin

Location: Pictures taken @ the Pixel Bean!

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