Look of the Day: Safe & Sound

Happy Saturday All! So I decided to wear a dress today,

because I don’t usually dress up in Second Life.

My normal look is bare feet, panties and some random shirt

I put on quickly before leaving my house. I’ve wanted

to wear this dress by E!  (Eclectic Wingtip) because it’s what

every women needs in her closet: “The Simply Chic Dress” that is versatile & stylish.

The dress is available in 3 colors, and 2 choices of zipper tones.

With Spring approaching and wedding season around the corner,

this an excellent staple to add to your virtual arsenal of pixel yumminess!

My song of the day is “Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift ft  The Civil War,

it’s the them song for the upcoming movie “The Hunger Game“.

“Just close your eyes the sun is going down
You’ll be alright mo one can hurt you now
Come morning light you and I’ll be safe and sound” 


E! By Eclectic WingtipS: Arsene Dress  

G Field By Cerberus Noel: Eve Pumps

League By Nena Janus: Pearls & Lace Bracelets

U&R DOGS by Ruriko Jewell: Flaminio Jewelry Set (Available @ Back to Black Event)

Finesmith by Yula Finesmith: Clutch Bag  

Lagyo by Gyorgyna Larnia: Ippolita Necklace

 Pididdle by Brutus Martinek: Gawdy Ring (Past Gacha Item)

Burley by: Lola Hair by Bella Earst

Filthy by Alexandra Barcelos: Maria 


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