Baring it all on Day 5

​It’s day 5 of GOGO’s 12 Days of Lingerie Challenge and

I am pulling out all the stops today! I wanted a playful

yet sexy look and Katat0nik delivered

with its Jester Dress san the dress part.

​Sometimes you just gotta stop what you’re doing,

strip down to your bra, panties and just enjoy SLife.

Day #1
Day #2
Day #3

Day #4


Katat0nik by Katat0nik Pidgeon: Purple Jester (Available Now at Flux)

RezIpsa Loc by RezIpsa Luckstone: Green Leaf Nail Gloves

Gos by Gospel Voom: Rigged Wellingtons 

Aura by Tyr Rozenblum: Briar w/Viden Lipstick Layer

Dura by Chiaki Xue: Boys & GirlsHair *24

Boho Bangles 24ct Solid Gold

Mayfly by Arkesh Baral: Deep Sky Mesh Eyes 

Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer: Suri Black Pearl Mesh Earrings 

Boho Bangles ​

Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop: Mardi Gras Beads (Available Now at Flux


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