Pixel Prom Diary: Feb 4, 2012

Dear Diary,

Cassie and I grabbed a quick bite while chatting about the prom

and the rumors of whom was attending it, what was being worn and so forth.

Cassie thinks I should stop dragging my feet and

just ask Mr Prom Night Potential to go with me to the Pixel Prom.

  Making our way to the first store I tried on a cute little number that

was sexy but just wasn’t me. I think it made my butt look flat and no one

wants a flat butt but a pancake! 

Cassie did a lot sighing and

I think growling, but maybe she was just hungry?

Eventually after trying on a couple of gowns,

I suggested that we go to a different area of

Pixelwood to shop. Cassie for some reason start 

stomping around and mumbling incoherently before 

rushing out the dressing room and left me there.

I think Cassie was having a bad day and just need to have a nap.

Honestly she was not looking so good either after only a few hours of  shopping.

Gawd I hope she is better in time for the prom in a few days.

​Well after that my afternoon was pretty uneventful I picked up some small things

and made my way home. I still have not heard from him……maybe I should

just go over to his place and ask like Cassie suggested??


Dairy Entry #1


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