The Pixel Prom Diaries #1

Dear Diary,

today Cassie called me with some interesting news…..

The Pixel Bean & Folly

two of the hottest places in all of Pixelwood be seen

 were hosting the second annual “Pixel Prom”!!!! 


hmmmm my first thought was about my senior year in high school

and the horrid dress I had worn it was a virtual mess.

Each time I look at old pics of prom,

I want to die a millions pixel deaths!

“So whom will you go to the prom with chica?” Cassie asked.

That one simple question sent me into the second tail spin of the conversation.

I knew whom I wanted to attend with but should I wait for him to ask or should I be

the confident and independent girl I am always preaching about and just ask him?

 I fired off a quick email to Mr. Prom Night Potential: 

“Hey there Cutie, how’s your day going?…….

So ummm you hear about that Pixel Prom thingy

that’s going down on the February 11th from….

well here is the flyer I received….tell me what you think?” D


 After sending it, I decided to shower and take my time getting dressed,

checking my inbox several times with no response……..

I mean gawd it’s been a full 45 minutes, so he’s at work…..

he can’t be THAT busy for the love of pixels!!!

I’m a friggin catch and if he thinks he’s going to jerk me around and”…..

I could hear the email notification and waltzed overly calmly to read the response.


“D, hey there gorgeous, my day is going great.

Been super busy, how’s your day going?

About the pixel prom let’s have dinner & talk about?”

Signed: Mr Prom Night Potential



While the response not what I had hoped for,

I am not discouraged diary just unsure if I should

ask him to prom or not………

 Until tomorrow,



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