~Shhhhhush Sexy Valentine~

The runaway was set ablaze tonight in Pixelwood as the Pixel Angels 

strutted in the new “Sexy Valentines” lingerie set from SHUSH.

The set is hot enough 
to jump-start those cold winter nights.

Treat yourself and your Valentine to a set of 
Sexy panties & bra from SHUSH!
Shush by Avy Fhang: Sexy Valentine Lingerie 
Aura by Tyr Rozenblum: Briar Skin w/Powder Pink Lipstick Layer 
(Skin is a VIP Group Gift)
Izzie’s by Izzie Button: French Nails
Entente by Guarinot: Thibaut Hair  
Magari by Mandi Hotaling: Alyssa Hair II  
Mayfly by Arkesh Baral: Deep Sky Mesh Eye  
N-core by Claire Messenger: Caprice Pumps
Material Squirrel by Kala Bijoux: Tendril Angel Wings 
Chop Zuey by Belle Roussel: Trifles Ring
DDL by Melina Anatine: The Blame Game Ring Set
Lassitude & Ennui by Jackal Ennui: Ophelia Choker

4 responses

  1. Steals the “tip off” note from Dad’s pocket and quietly slips out the side door… Love it sis! Never mind, one day you might be the favourite daughter *giggle*

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