Imma show you how to make your man say “Ooo”

You getting bold
He growin’ cold
It’s just the symptoms of young love
Growin’ old
You think it’s time
And your thinking of leaving
But give it time

It’s late at night
He’s coming home
Meet him at the door with nothin’ on
Take him by the hair
Let him know what’s on…….

Dip it low
Pick it up slow
Roll it all around
Poke it out like your back broke
Pop pop pop that thing
Imma show you how to make your man say “Ooo”  

All my ladies wind it up
If you know just how to move  
All my fellas jump behind
And show her what you want to do  

Lyrics from Christone Millian “Dip it Low”
Poses add so much to a story-line/role-play, there are lots of great poses on the grid to find couple poses.
Some of my favorites I used in the post today, there are many more like “Bounce This” poses by Bouncer Criss
Check out the store here and here’s the list of poses from today’s post:
Sparrowtree Studios Poses French Kiss 
Magnifique Craving, Cornered & Kiss Me  
My Look:
Candy Doll Lazy  Blue Bra & Panties
Mr.Poet Loose Shirt
Slink Bare Mesh Feet
Wasabi Pills Sachiko Mesh Hair
Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eye
Shape my own

Bouncer Criss Look:
Pants INDI Jeans 841 
Shirt Schadenfreude Noir Oxford 
Necklace HoD The Path To Forgiveness 
Hair Exile AJ t
Earrings AITUI Tiny Plugs Red Star 
Boots DECO Test Boots
Skin Belleza Jacob 
Eyes Tuli Spotlight Eyes


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