Get to Gatcha!

Good morning, this is going to be a crazy post because there is so much to share with you!

So many new things, events to talk about and I hope that it doesn’t come out confusing;

if so just contact me and I’ll try to sort out my ramblings. 

Ok so this one pic has a thousand things going on it and its all new!
This is Lisp new “Reading Corner” and its so adorable with lots of great poses!
It can be used in so many different ways, hallway reading area, bench, bed, sitting area.
The books and pictures come with the bench and is available in 3 great colors and is available at an intro price this week only!
 Just looking at magazine…….
Also the Seasons Gatcha  is going on as there are lots of great items for the home that you can snag now,
most for under 100L. And best of all there transferable! 
Baffle Snowglobe #3 of 4 possibles (it has a tiny igloo and polar on the inside!!)
NuDoLu  Matriochka Boule (Nesting Doll Snowglobe I would call it) 
English Tea Vintage Teacup by Cluttered Flowey, Hatboxes by Lisp
(available in 2 packs  of colors (Warm Leather or Suede Pastel),
each pack has 3 different size stacks of boxes!), Mudhoney Rope Lamp & Scroll Lamp!
Zigana Candle Crate is also available at the gacha fair,
a bit prim heavy (16 prims) but really cute and such a nice touch to any room.
 Last but not least LISP Boom Box Case with sits for 2,
available in 10 colors at 30L each, ranging form shabby to posh styles!
Seasons Gatcha will be open from 1/14/12 trough 1/28/12, don’t forget to check it out!
Lots of stores from previous seasons hunts and some new ones!
Taxi to Gatcha!


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