Mr. Wrong

Bad boys ain’t no good Good boys aint no fun
Lord knows that I should run off with the right one……

It seem like he’s always there when it matters
But missing most of the other time, a terrible pattern 
There’s way more people who want him than me that have him
I fall victim to his system, guess I sure know how to pick ’em
And I always regret, yeah, I always regret 
He makes it harder on whoever’s coming next….

Me & Mr Wrong get along so good
Even though he breaks my heart so bad
We got a special thing going on
Even if I try I never could give him up
cause his loves like that.

When he put that loving on me
I can’t think of nothing that’ll make me walk out 
His  kiss and touches do something to me 
I can’t help but love him, I must be out my mind 
I love my Mr Wrong
Ain’t no way that I’m moving on 
I love my Mr Wrong

~Lyrics from Mary J Blige “Mr. Wrong” featuring Drake~

~My Look~
Poised “Me” Sweater & “Peri” Jeans by Poise Collins
Maitreya Radical Boots
Filthy Skin Laika II Skin
(love) Lip Stain
Truth Leesa Hair
Mandala Nails Palette 2 Long
 Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes
Aura Phosphorus  Club Hoops
~Pepper~ Fishy Belt Glitter (from a previous TFG)
Laika II  

~Liq’s “Bad Boy Look~
Thank you LIQUIDH3LL Carter!
Skin Soul Apolo  
Hair [NSD]  Stoker 
Eyes Fashim Sunrise Eyes 
+grasp+ Leather Jacket  
LAQ Oil Raw Denim 
WMD Death Parade Tee
UBU Pornstar Chucks 
*ARAI* Necklace Brop
Gos Aviator
Gentleman Cigarette 

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