Wedded Unbliss “The Days of our Pixels”

Wedded Unbliss
In the last episode of “The Pixels of our lives” Nicole and I got engaged and we both had secrets that could tear apart our new found bliss.

Which is why I called Brad to talk to him about the affair we’d been having and the possibility that I was pregnant. I only intended to talk but there is something so……yummy about him. Before I knew it we were in my bed doing what we do so well together.

Laying in his arms smiling in the afterglow of our coitus I confessed to him that I had gotten engaged and thought I was maybe pregnant with his baby. He was hurt and angry that I had not told him sooner about both……..
Jumping out of the bed than sitting on the edge he sulked in silence. I knew he was angry with me…..I say on the opposite side unsure of what to say to him.

Going to the kitchen I looked for something to cook, and felt a wave of nausea hit me, just when I thought I was going to faint Brad was there beside me grabbing me and holding me tight.
He held and comforted me to until I felt better, planting soft kisses on my neck he encouraged me to tell Nicole the truth before she got hurt……

At that exact moment my worst fears came true, Nicole came bursting into the door screaming at me than fell to the floor sobbing……….oh boy am I so busted!
This story-line is a fictional and intended for pure entertainment.

~This Episode~
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Truth Leesa Hair (New Release)
Abode Porcelain Build
Sn@tch Ruffle Panties
Mandala Earring & Nails


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