Dear Dr. Ama (Drama)

Adventures of Dynamic Dani & her Superhero Friends
I was just about to enjoy some lunch from the corner deli when the call in that my arch nemesis Dr. Ama was up to her old trick again.
When would this broad learn that this town was not big enough for the two of us and she would have to go and stay gone!

Changing quickly into my super heroine fighting gear I located the exact spot on the grid where “Bitch Almighty”
was spewing her vicious venom and reeking havoc on the innocent citizens of Pixtroplis.
Beaming there in record speed than quickly assessing the situation I was about to run in and slay Dr. Ama when I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked back.
“Oh no you don’t Bouncer” I hissed seeing my fellow crime fighter and antagonist there. 

Being the arrogant, good-looking (although I would never tell him) S.O.B that he is he pushed me to the side and ran in half cocked confronting Dr. Ama. I waited the 30 seconds I knew he’d last, and no pun intended here……before he was finished on his back from Dr. Ama’s beat down. She was a girl who just could not be dances around and handled with pretty words and flattery. 

Being the lady that I am, I pointed at Bouncer and mocked him with my gaze, than rushed in and put the serious
“OH MUH GAWD WHAT’S HAPPENING” on Dr. Ama yet again, this time I think the can of beat down may keep her away for good.

Dear Dr’ Ama
I heard you knocking but I have outgrown you and your little pets who breed and multiply you through rumors and betrayal. 
I’ve learned that you don’t care about age, race, or social class or if someone is insecure enough then they will sink to your level.
I know your plays, you’ve used every trick in your book on me.

So you can’t hurt me anymore. I pity your next victim but rejoice in the comfort that you no longer have power over me.

Your Vanquisher,
After I sent Dr. Ama packing, I helped Bouncer to his feet and decided to not give him a hard time about being knocked down like a whore in a the shipyard on payday.
Yeah it’s hard being this humble when you’re kinda awefuckingtastic.
Dr. Ama played by KawaiiNicole
Superman played by Bouncer Criss

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