The next episode of “The Days of our Pixels”

I was sitting at home reading my new book “The Hunger Game” and enjoying it immensely.
It had taken my mind off the late arrival of my friend Flo, which if she did not make an arrival soon I would have to send a search party out for the bitch…..but I digress.

I had so much on my mind.
My stomach was in knots.

“KawaiiNicole, what are you doing here”, I asked seeing her, it had been a few days since our special night together.
Than she got down on one knee and said “I have a question to ask you my love”.
“Daniella will you be my wife?” she asked with a tears shining in her gorgeous eyes.
“Yes!!!”, I exclaimed and fell into each others arms, hugging tightly and whispering about our bright future.
We’re so excited about getting married and building a life together. I just hope I can keep my little secret from Nicole.

It could threaten to ruin everything…..
Stay tuned for the next episode of “The Days of our Pixels”
KawaiiNicole‘s credits:
skin: al vulo, eyes: ibanez, lashes: mynerva, jewelry: league
shape: glow studio, dress: michami, shoes: n-core, hair emo-tions

Dani4G credits:
mon tissu: bra/jeans, pumps: celoe, hair: exile, ring: tesoro’s, eyes: insufferable dasdard, skin: maria, top: kyoot


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