My forbidden night…with KawaiiNicole

I was sleeping finally after tossing and turning all night when the sound of my door creaking open woke me. Looking at the clock I noticed it was just after 4 am, rolling over I saw that it was my roomie Nicole tiptoeing over to the bed.

She seemed frightened yet relieved I was awake, smiling softly and pulling the duvet back i whispered for her to hop in for a cuddle.

As Nicole settled in, my arms wrapped around her waist pulling her close…before I knew what happened she had turned in my arms and started kissing me…..I knew she had flirting with me. Couldn’t blame her I am the 1st wonder of the virtual world. 

Whimpering her need for my touch, I growled deeply before gathering her in my arms rolling her beneath me. Whispering in her ears “It’ll all be alright” trying to ease her fears before moving lower.

Uttering sweet words of and promises of being gently, it wasn’t long before she relented and gave into the pleasure she could only have dreamt of. 

After making beautiful body poetry together we lay breathlessly in each other’s arms falling asleep in the glow of our passion.

When I awoke the next morning she was gone, or maybe I had dreamed the entire night……..


~The Looks~

skin: glam affair, hair: exile, eyes: izzie’s/id, nails: mandala, earrings: lolapop, d. Select Negligee, feet: n-core

hair: lelutka, skin: body co, eyes; ibanez, lingerie: blacklace gift, nails: u&r dogs, shoes: n-core, set: rouge getaway by mudhoney

KawaiiNicole’s Blog: Go Here


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