One Cool Bean

Like totally, this look from “Cool Bean” is fricking bitchin………

“Neon Streak” leggings and tank are the bombdigity, not sure my 80’s verbage is though. LOL!!

Tank (2 versions “CUTE” and “NEON”) & leggings (available in 4 colors) are sold separately. Gloves are included, 6 colors and a freebie neon streak pair.

I did not wear my gloves because I wanted to show off my colorful dollarbie nails from RezIpca Loc, available @ Kozmetika.


Cool Bean Neon Streak Leggings & Tank (Vintage Fair)
MIEL Varsity Kicks
Illusory Naturally Neon Paige Skin
RezIpsa Loc Taste the Rainbow Nails  
Glow Studio – Indian Summer Earring Parrot
Elikatira Fresh Hair
Magic Nook Neon Candy Ring 

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