Connor’s Girl Georgette

Conner’s Girl Georgette
I don’t know what to talk about first in this post because I simply love it all!

Vintage Georgette Lace Dress Lookof the Day

The dress, the shoes, the hair and poses; it’s like winning the virtual lottery of fashion all in one.
The dress by Connor is so romantic and flirty, paired with the Zoe shoes from Nardcotix its beginning to feel a lot like heaven because that is whats playing in my mind each time I cam myself.

Nardcotix Zoe Pumps

If that were not enough to get my little pixels all in a tither, the poses from oOo Studio for the Vintage Fair is the final touch that takes this look from “oh cute” to being “the bee’s knees!”

oOo Studio Vintage Poses

Connors Georgette Lace Cocktail Dress
Nardcotix Zoe Shoe
{.essences.} Dharma Skin for VF 2011​​
Izzie’s – Stockings
​Exile Miu​
BOOM Shimmer Shadows – peacock
​Izzie’s – Pearl Necklace
​Ibanez Liquid Eyes
All from oOo Studio
oOo twiggy_freebie
oOo 1920s_freebie
oOo legends_bette_freebie
oOo lulu_one

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