Vintage Indie Rose

The Vintage Fair 2011 will be opening its doors the masses tomorrow, and there are so many designers to see. When I had an to preview the event I secret had a list of my favorite stores I wanted to check out; Indie Rose was one the first ones. 

40's Pencil Skirt Suit in Blue, available in other colors.

And let me tell you, I was not disappointed in a thing that I saw! 

Polka Dot Wrapped Dress, Simply & Elegant

From party dresses to high-waisted pants, there is something to put a smile on any face.

High Waisted Shorts & Top Set, Casual & Stylish.

I found this particular dress bought out the Hollywood Starlet in me!

50s Leaf Skirt Dress, "MWAHH Dawling!"

If vintage is your thing, you should make it a priority to check out the Vintage Fair, and make Indie Rose a definite stop on your list!

Vintage 50s Party Dress, "Swing Dance?"

The Vintage Fair 2011



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