What is the Vintage Fair? 
This is a CHIC Management event created by Keira Seerose and sponsored by Ivalde, oOo Studio, PurpleMoon Creations, GiZZa Creations, Ingenue, Artilleri, Alienbear’s and Indyra Originals. 
When is the Vintage Fair? 
November 11 at  4pm SLT ending December 3, 2011
Where is the Vintage Fair? 
It will be held over two sims, built by Aya Liotta of ABODE. 
One sim is the “Retro” vintage sim and the other sim “Classic” vintage. 

Why is there a Vintage Fair?
Why not! Who doesn’t love ageless, timeless fashion? 
Also the event is NOT FOR CHARITY. 
The event will showcase the excellent products available in the vintage community 
and to encourage designers to attempt a vintage inspired product.

What else should you know about the Vintage Fair? 
There will be a fixed landing point for the first week, 
and then it will be free tping.
We will have music everyday.
And of course; last but not least there is a flickr competition! 
70k + is up for grabs, and yes, bloggers can enter too! 
See our website for details.
detalexiPdesigns: Elsie Dress 
A-BOMB: Lavea Shoes
je suis: Naive Nails 
SBJ: Stud Earrings
Vanity Hair: Pin Up HP
Lara Hurley: Dita 
Mood: Infinity Choker 
oOo Studio pose: oOo 1930s 
GEEZ Pose 040 & 004


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