LotD served with a fresh side of PLurkama!

PLurkama is the combination of the words “PLurk+drama”. Everyday there seems to be one drama fest or another on that familiar social network we’ve all come to loathe and love depending on which side of the drama line we find ourselves or those near and dear to us. Good laughs are had….. I mean let’s be honest, there is nothing more entertaining than watching a bunch of adults trash talk each other and make vows of destroying someone’s pixel life…………

Thank you to the all the “Mean Girls”, “Bitch-Packs” and “Drama Queens & Kings” for keeping my quiet, rather dull pixel life entertained and educated on the secret lives of my virtual neighbors. Thank you random plurkers that fill up my time line with  mindless, sugary sweet comments about your perfect man or/and woman. Truth be told I sit with bated breath waiting for the next plurk about the depths of your love……how evil the ex is, or how she/he (the ex) wants YOUR prized piggy back but won’t get said person because you have that heart on lock! I will forgo being a bitch here and not remind you of how the previous week the last ex said the same words about not going anywhere. And heavens what is with the week relationship standards, to be fair a few make it over that tumultuous hump either to last 2 weeks…….if  the pixelexing is good I am told.

Yes I did, yes I did…..somebody please tell em who the “eff”I is (yeah not going to lie but I struggled with leaving that “is” there…..) I am Dani Riaxik, and cannot with certainty state that I have or have not been known to “mack” any dudes up. I am sure someone on PLurk will beg to differ, call me out on it and put my poor delicate pixels in an utter state of fear! But that’s ok, it comes with the territory of being “Pelican Fly”. (lol)

The LotD Info:

Dani is wearing: TGIS Suede Low Back Dress/Narcotix Absinthe Pumps/ Elikatira ONE ELEVEN Season Hair Aymber is wearing: Candydoll Boyfriend Pijamas/ HOC Stilettos /LoQ Hair Cafe Misto

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