Give me Everything

Tonight I participated in my first SFL game as an cheerleader for the Jets. The team played hard and well but victory was not ours tonight. Spirits however remained high even after the pixel pigskin was locked away and the stadium was now empty after a sold out game. 

KawaiiNicole a close friend and avid Blogger took time out to come and
watch the game and mock my cheering abilities. *laughs*
But having there was a big ego boost and also I got a video outta the visit!!! 
I must admit to loving football just more than a lot, and cheering for an awesome team like the Jets is a dream come true. There was a strong urge to run out on the field and hit  the Heisman pose, but some how I resisted and just settled for something a little less dramatic.
*Game times & dates are listed in my profile in world!*

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