A day in the life of a Starlet X

This is a little glimpse into a day in the life of Starlet X. Her day starts out like any other day for someone living in the city, except she does it with style and grace that is often imitated but never duplicated.

Starlet X in Iren's Mrs. Louise Dress

It’s not long before she is spotted by fangirl Nicole and pictures are snapped, cool as a cucumber she takes it all in stride and smiles.

The dress is paired with N-core Coquette pumps in Clear Pink

Starlet X day is filled with meetings, interviews and overseeing the various charities she sponsors. But at the end of the day she loves meeting up with Pixelwoods other bad girl and close friend Berry. Is it possible that two people could look absolutely amazing and beautiful in the same hemisphere? Guess that saying is true, beautiful people flock together……well I think there is a saying like that…if not there should be!

One thing that can be said about Starlet X is she’s a woman that knows what she likes, and is not afraid to ask for, or take it! She wears couture and casual wear like a second skin that is not easy to pull off, but made to look like breeze when does.

It's the little things that makes this look go POP! Like Gos Butterfly sunglasses & Coco clear tote bag!

Read Berry and Nicole’s take on the day!


The Look 

IREN- Mrs Louise Dress 
Caroline’s Jewelry Limited Butterflies in Paris Set
*** Just You *** Bracelet Rings Summer
::je suis…naive::Nails:
N-core COQUETTE Pumps
[e] With Hair Style
[Gos] – BUTTERFLY Custom Sunglasses

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