LoTD: Today I remembered….

Today I remembered something, something amazing and wonderful. As I dressed for my day, an email sent me a reminder that there was to be a wedding today to which I was invited.

That is not what I remembered, oh no, it is much simpler than that. I decide to get myself dressed early before the wedding so if anything unforeseen (like real life dare I say it) arose all I needed to do was log in and tp to the ceremony.

As I went through my “closet” and was working on what to wear, as the invitation stated low prim but nice, it struck me how much I missed the simplicity of blogging. Before it became about the traffic and popularity contest, before the pile-ups, filter tricks and Plurk.

Blogging was just a girl writing about the wonderful clothes and how they made her feel. Because at the heart of the matter S/L is a break from the reality of our R/L and most of us strive to make is beautiful, happy place for ourselves. And today that girl feels all those things and more!

 The Look

Dress – Icing Lorelei

Heels – IA Eternity

Nails – Rezlpsa Loc – Nails in Raven

Jewelry – A Mother’s Heart Jewelry Set


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