>The Beautiful Pain of Letting Go


Recently I had a change in my life; I should clarify….my S/L. I decided to stop settling for half hearted, one sided friendships, and took the scary leap into revamping, prioritizing and just letting go.

Initially I felt sick in my decision, but had the fortitude and foresight to make a little list before hand of all the pros and cons of my decision. I think all too often we get into relationships with people taking on their misery. 

Losing purpose and ourselves in a deep abyss of darkness that is not even ours. Soon you find yourself resenting logging in, tensing at the sound of the IM ding praying it is not “whatserface” ready to sap you of your emotional life force and inner joy.

At some point the realization that some people are just fundamentally and emotional broken seeps in. Nothing you do or say will help or appease them, but their all to willing to make you the whipping board for their rage and anguish. 

Do you stay and suffer in silence in what is suppose to be a happy an enjoyable break from “real-life” issues or do you dig in deep, with self preservation and just let go?
Honestly no one can answer that question but the person who finds themselves in this situation. 

I do know that in the end, change can only happen when the pain of fighting for something is greater than the fear of the unknown in letting go.

The Look
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