Wives & Mistresses

In most womens lives they will play the part of mistress and wife willingly or not. Often times  the choice for the roles are not given to the woman in question, as her partner has forced her into said positions by omission of truths.

=Zenith= Lorena Krasiki in Beige

I have without any shame played both,
I have been successful at both, not that I am bragging.
Knowing the difference between the two roles,
is key to a either parties success or failure.

(DIMH2-Gift) For Female

What those differences are….
well that is for me to know and you to find out.
Happy Learning…………..
XoXo Dani4G

The Look
Wifey Look One
=Zenith= Lorena (DIMH2-Gift) For Females
(The hunt runs from March 14th – april 11th)

Mistress Look Two
=Zenith= Lorena Krasiki in Beige

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