Won’t you be my neighbor part II

I recently moved to a beautiful new sim,
with lots of friendly people and great picturesque opt
so I never have far to travel for work.

My first night of truly being settled into my new home I decided to have some wine to celebrate my new abode. After a few glasses of my favorite Beaujolais, I decided to dance after being inspired by the latest episode of Dancing with the Pixels.

Feeling happy, yet slightly tired I feel into bed face first. I wasn’t sleep to long before I heard a really creepy voice asking me “Dani….chica…..do you want some tea….company?” Gasping in incredulous surprise I almost pulled out my guns, but sanity kicked in and i realized it was Nicole…..sitting on my bed.

After recovering from what I am sure was a light heart attack, I smiled and looked at my friend realizing she was in need of some serious girl time. Foregoing my usual judging of her, we sat had some lovely tea and great conversation before a sleepy eyed Nicole dragged herself off bed.

Laying in bed afterwards, it hit me how lucky I was to have a beautiful home, with wonderful  neighbors that are friends. Life is beautiful.

Read KawaiiNicole’s version here!
Shirt: Sugar Spun from Fear & Clothing for CHIC Limited
Panties: Juicy Panties from Mushie from Pure Juice Event

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