Breaking up is hard to do……

Dear Diary,
It’s day number 23 that I walked out on him…..each day gets easier but the presences of his touch….kiss….smell lingers. The tears have stopped falling and only a dull ache remains, funny I once read somewhere that it takes 28 days to develop a habit…or break one.

Maybe I am getting closer to that, it certainly hurts a hell of lot less when I awake, the feel of drowning has subsided and I can actually find enjoyment in my favorite treat……creamy milkshakes from the little ice creamory down the road.

Even hot bubble baths are uplifting and slipping into a new set of undies & tanks from *BOOM* makes me smile and feel that I will move on from this temporary setback.

I took a long hard look at myself today, inside and out…..I like what I see when I’m looking at me, guess in the end that’s all that really matters.

The Look
*BOOM* My Milkshake
-Tied back tank with sculpted tie.
-Low rise hip hugging unders.
-Comes in 25 different colours.
-Includes all clothing layers.
-Colour packs available.

Buy “here” from the Marketplace

One response

  1. There you go! You take that mess and you run with it. Run until you feel every crashing heart beat demanding freedom from your chest. Purge your soul of the demons within…………Go ‘head homey withcho bad self!!

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