Revenge and Margarita’s

When I was 13 I fell in love with a boy name Derrick
and mmmm was he a dreamsicle on a nice hot day.
Unfortunate for me he fell in love with a pretentious,
self centered girl by the of name Margarita.

I soon forgot about Derrick and his poor taste in women but,
the incident left me lacking in taste for anything with the name
“Margarita……that is until now.

Meet the cute lil summer cocktail halter dress
that helped me to overcome my “issues”.
*VEXTRA FASHION* “Margarita”
is much classier  than Derricks Margarita
and is available in 4 scrumptiousummy colors.

I eventually got my revenge on Derrick,
senior year of high school I blossomed
and Margarita was washed up and a has been by that time.
Pretty soon Derrick (now showing premature signs of balding)
came sniffing back around like an old mangy dog.

I pretended not to know whom he was
than got in the car with friends
and left him standing at the movie theater like
a faded black and white film….
remembered but easily forgotten.

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