>A day in the life of Starlet X


It’s often said that a truly brilliant star is born once every so many centuries. Well if that is true than Pixelwoods hottest and brightest star is our century celestial being. 
I had the distinct opportunity to follow the starlet for  day while she was filming a new video for her soon to be release CD that is also the soundtrack to her blockbuster movie “Pixel Princess”.
My 60 second interview:

Me: Hi thank you for sitting with me today, I have a few questions our readers wanted to know. First your romance with the bad of rock….is it still great?

Starlet X: (laughs) Gawd girl! You just jump right in don’tcha and yes its still FANF*INGTASTIC!

Me: What’s your favorite designer right now?

Starlet X: “Hmmm, that’s hard to say I have such an eclectic palate when it comes to fashion….(pause)…..I can’t say there is one favorite, I do love comfortable fitting clothes that transition from day wear to night wear with a few accessory changes.”

End of interview.
The starlet practice hours upon hours on stage to get her moves and vocals honed to perfection. 
There was a crowd of lucky fans that won a contest to watch the video being made and let’s just say they were not disappointed seeing the curvaceous starlet shake her money maker.
When asked “what helps you stay focus and deliver such awesome performances?” the starlet replied with a bright stunning smile “Yoga and my special designed Stage and Pole from Poseurs. The stage is made for novices to professionals and use state of the art poses to make everyone look like a million $Ls!”
Well there you have it folks, Poseur is the secret behind Pixelswoods dazzling hit girl success, and I don’t know about you but I know I will be stopping by Poseur to get my pose fill!

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