Getting inside Dani 2.0 Pants……

So if you don’t know or haven’t heard, a really great event is coming up,
and before you do the eye rolling or hit the snooze button, listen in for a moment.
Now I am sure you are thinking
“What has this to do with getting inside Dani 2.0 Pants?”
…’s for the I ❤ Originals Fair running  February 5th through February 13th 2011.

But before I continue I must wallow in my narcissism
for a moment…..or two……

****(psssst….the pink pants above are L$10,
part of the The I<3 Originals L$10 Hunt!!)***

DANI 2.0 Pant are HERE! (Well not here in the blog but at the I ❤ Originals Fair) and can I just say that ummm version one was nice but Dani Pants 2.0…….are HAWTT!!

Dani Pants 2.0 come in a skittles palette ranging from Lime to Red &
a few more eye-popping colors in between.

The cut and design make the pants versatile & fresh to
dreary winter colors we’ve drowned under for the past few months.

Ayla has thrown open the doors of fashion and
dragged spring in like the lions of March!

I am sure with the oh so cute Moniq dress to
be featured at the I ❤ Originals Fair
Ayla is not going out like lamb!

The Moniq in Pink dress & sexy socks
(not pictured)
are on sale at the fair as a set for L$100

About the “I ❤ Originals Fair”
The Artist’s Voice is pleased to present the second annual I ❤ Originals Fair.    The fair takes place on the Governor Linden sim of Iridium, and will run from February 3 to February 15th!

The goal of the fair is educated the public intellectual rights, and to support those designers whose shops and merchandise are free of copyright and trademark infringements.

Some of hottest merchants on the grid , and as well as a couple of places that might be new to you are lined up to partake in this awesome event.   There is also a ton of exciting events planned, including:

The I ❤ Originals Photo Contest
The I<3 Originals L$10 Hunt
A reading by New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole
An I ❤ Originals Panel

Be sure to join the Fair Flickr group so you can keep track of new items being released at the fair:

Generous Sponsors of I ❤ Originals Fair:

:: MOOD :: Jewelry and Accessories
Frop! & [astraia] Mainstores
Tree & Ocean SL
Hatpins – Fine Hats by Reghan St
Little Boxes Mainstore


One response

  1. Ladies and gentlemen… and yes all you silly ho’s too. I am happy to announce that Dani just knocked that @$$ right out the ball park with this post. Go ‘head Dani, keep doing yo’ thang wit dat stank on it. I have never seen someone be able to perfect the dichotomy of elegance and nasty as well as you. Hot dang!

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