>LoTD – The ILLUSORY Art of Exile & TDR


                                      Adj. 1. illusory – based on or having the nature of an illusion

Skin – .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Dark – Winter A3
–noun:expulsion from one’s native land by authoritative decree.
–verb: (used with object)to expel or banish
Hair – Exile Belle

The Dressing Room-Discount shop created by fabulous designers. The collection changes every week, with prices ranging from 40-70L and never higher! 
Shorts – {SMS} Leather Shorts for TDR  

Art of putting it all together…well that’s just Dani-magic!

Shoes – *GF* Bow Strap Shoes “Kate”
Shirt – [ATOMIC] Frilled – Cloud
{SMS} Pearl Lily Necklace Blue for TDR 10  
Cheap Makeup- Studio Palette for One Eleven-dusty lashes

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