>~10 things I love about Moi~

>A few days ago I read a blog by Steffy Ghost on “Project Positivity”

So basically its a challenge but not a contest to state at a minimum 10 positive things you like about yourself, my initial thoughts were “easy-peasy”, so after many hours of thinking and doing some real soul searching I realized that I had never really thought about what I liked most about myself as it has been common practice to weigh heavily on those attributes I am more insecure about. 
You know in conversation with your friends you make a passing “humorous” remark about your thighs or dry hair, to which your friends are required to jump in and beg to differ?? Well why do we do that  to ourselves? After looking in the mirror at me…the real me I came up with a list of things I truly love about myself. 
I love that my style has always gone against tradition and the “norm” and I always feel good about I am wearing. I have never been a slave to mainstream fashion dictation.

I love the girlie girl inside me. She loves tiara’s, ruffles, pastels and mini cupcakes, also I drink tea with my pinkie extended!

I love that I’m adventurous and have traveled to many parts of the world and will continue to do so, it is my one of my biggest passions!

I love that my friends trust me and know that they can talk to me about anything as I never belittle their decisions, but do play devils advocate to keep it real.

I love that I’m the “crazy” friend that gets everyone to step outside their comfort zones and that most stories start with “This one time Dani had this idea…….” and ends with “………it was the best time ever, she is loads of fun!”

I love that I’m very confident & comfortable with my sexuality and not afraid to state what I like/want/need to be fulfilled.

I love my body, its mine, I own it proudly.

I love that in business I can work just as hard as my males counterparts while retaining my femininity and not feel the need to apologize for it.

I love keeping my own company and counsel, there is no one more attentive to me than me.

I love that I’ve never given up on love and that I love love!


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