Something old…. Something new…….

While we all feasted on turkey & cranberry sauce, ripped into gifts, and celebrated the joyous day, a wedding was taking place of quiet proportion.

The Bride wore a  silhouette hugging, sexy silver gown from Ayla’s that was exotic, yet classic in its cut, The sleek fabric flowed like a frothy vision as this A-List starlet made her way down the aisle. The double strapped top ending in  what we have come to know as the Ayla signature bow was the cherry on top of this sweet treat. Though the beautiful gown came in 7 eye catching colors the silver was chosen to balance out the 4 carat ring that sat nestle upon the hand of the bride to be.

The ring we are told was created and designed by U&R Dog creative force Uta Karas & Ruriko Jewell aptly named La traviata, roughly translated to “The Fallen Women”, we won’t talk about the starlets battle with sex tape video scandals and reported late night boozing in Pixelwood….


The ring is supposedly one of a kind, we have on very good authority that copies can be purchased for one and all at the U&R Dogs mainstore. The ring comes with a lovely nail set manicure that can change from winter white,to regal red or beautiful black. The option to make it full bright or not is a key feature, in that attention can be drawn to lovely hands or not to by turning it off. As with every cleverly crafted piece from U&R Dogs there is a smart menu with an update that it controls only the piece that you have selected the menu before. In the past what ever changes you made to the left hand would sync to the right hand, something I will truly miss, but the chance to dote on each nail is a bonus for those that like to take extra care and look their absolute best!


BijouxOr Design (Le Fleur Antique Gold Set)
*GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes (not shown)
+*R*+: La traviata Ring for Female
Ayla’s – Maretch Gown – silver



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