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Amutey DeCuir of  *Bliss Couture* has released a casual line appropriately called “Bliss Couture Basic Line”. A new fashion concept from the Bliss family in a wide range of 35 new designs, and as you have some to  love her exquisite designs in gown making, you can’t help but to drool over the new release.

Vest, tops, jeans, high waist pants and more!! At yesterdays unveiling of Bliss Couture Basic, the Gown sim was packed and the designs flowed like water for chocolate down the run way hosted by Mimmi Boa, Miss Bliss Couture 2010.

After seeing 4 models strut their stuff I made my grand exit and went to the showroom to get my own fill of the new collection!
Up your “A” game with a new wardrobe or pieces from Bliss Couture Basic Line & celebrate the holidays in sheer Blissfulness!
Items worn from the Bliss Couture Basic Line
*Bliss Couture* Christine High Waisted Jeans  (Classic Blue)
*Bliss Couture* Chichi Pants (Plum)
*Bliss Couture* Elaine Floral Pants (Purple)
*Bliss Couture* Aspasia Feather Top (Teal)


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