Just a Dream…..

Nelly sings “if you ever love someone put your hands up….” 
after realizing he has lost the love of his life. 

It amazes me how people only realize what or how good someone is after they have made the grand exit, kinda makes hindsight a cruel concept. I would want in a perfect world for there to be a “Hindsight Committee” that policed relationships, this entity would not be run by any government officials.

The would knock on the door of said person in trouble of losing that special someone and tap them on the forehead with a stern message like “Hey dumb dumb the love of your life is about to be ghost and you are going to be singing Nelly’s Just a Dream if you don’t pull it in and change your ways!”

Then if the person in question continues on the path that eventually leads to the dissolution of their relationship its on them and should said person go to the club and start to lift their hand on the part where it says “If you ever loved somebody put your hands up…” the hindsight crew would roll in and smack em around and yell ” there is no reason to lift your hands now, you had your warning, you opted to be here alone with your actions!” 
But guess that won’t happen cause its only just a dream……..

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