Rumor has it……

……..that there is a new skin artist on the grid. Luckliy enough I discovered this skin by reading a kudo’s on Plurk about fellow bloggers review on amazing tattoo layer eyelashes. Being a fan of lashes I quite naturally had to check it out that’s when  I discovered the skin line “Ruby” by  [[Mozz]]. (I forgot about the lashes and had to go back and get them!) 
First off Ruby comes in 7 tones ranging from Cocoa to Vanilla and everything in between, the skin comes with 12 make-up, 3 eyebrows and 9 lipstick options! 
All for under 1000L, with a la cart options that can be purchased in addition to the skin. (birthmarks, gold foil lip pack, eyelashes, cleavage, and freckles!!)

The skin is creamy smooth, without the greasy shine and no shadows that a lot of skins have now, for me I am not a fan of that so this makes me really happy to see that Mozz doesn’t have that. (and as Arcadia Morrisey, Mozz Creator stated; “that’s what demo’s are for” and I agree)

The skin is very mature, fresh and classy in appearance, makeups are tastefully done and photo’s well! And as you all know I have a thing about skin going will with red hair, the eyebrow option is already included so this skin maker is going on my list of faves.

 Honestly I can’t wait to see what new and exciting things will come from Mozz! So support the rumor-mill and get over to Mozz located on Juicy and get in on the 411!

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