>Getting Skin Deep with LAQ Claudia 2


When I initially came to S/L I was so excited about the skin options and immediately went in search of something exotic, dark, basically I wanted to look like
 Kerry Washington or maybe even Sanna Lathan. 

 My obsession with dark skin tones is kinda difficult as I have a love/hate passion for red hair, sorry I am pro ginger hair and wanted the one thing that defines me in R/L to be part of my S/L. In the end my initial foray into the complex world of s/l skin was a bust and caved opting for a fair tone just so I could have my beloved red hair.

Until I ventured to LAQ and tried the Caludia 2 line, Oh M Gee!! I confess that I tend to kinda skip over LAQ skins as the tone selection was just not to my liking and also a lot of the skins look to pretty and girlie, as I am all about the dark, come-hither sultry look.

The first thing that I did when trying this skin is toss on the LAQ ~ Red hair kit I bought a while back just to have…..wow did it knock me to my knees!! I LOVE  this skin, everything about it, the look is mature, sexy, the tone is a hue that I have craved for a long time and I don’t have to compromise on wearing red hair.

The many options I have for makeup, no makeup, hairbase and tinted eyebrows, Claudia 2 is exactly what I was looking for to make me feel gorgeous in my own pixeliciousness. Selecting a skin is such a personal decision and  comes down to what you feel your best in. And I definitely feel Daniyummola……….

Claudia 2 is the newest release from LAQ Glow Skin Line released October 2010

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