Country Strong – Outfit of the Day

I know you see me like some wide eyed dreamer
That just rolled in off a dusty mid west bus  yeah, on the outside I look fragile
But on the inside is something you can’t crush

Cause I’m country strong
Hard to break…Like the ground I grew up on
You may fool me and I’ll fall, but I won’t stay down long
Cause I’m country strong

I have weathered colder winters; Longer summers
Without a drop of rain….push me in a corner
And I’ll come out fighting I may lose but I ‘ll always keep my faith!

:+*R*+: Cake-Walk Pierced Earrings
[BUKKA]leather skirt
[BUKKA]soft leather jacket(with fur option)
>TRUTH< Gigi
Reek – Autumn Boots – Sienna
Ayla’s – Kathy Top Beige
LAQ ~ Claudia2 – 06 [Mocha] Glow skin

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