Chic Geek

There are many definitions for the word geek, but one thing is certain you can still look chic while making a fashion statement. 

In my Inkie Jeans from Ayla’s & Houndz Sweater from  Miinii Inc, my look screams “Ready, Chic, Geek!”
So go on……………….get your GEEK on!!
Jeans- Ayla’s – Inkie jeans – dark
Sweater- ((MM)) Houndz Sweater
Shoes- *GF* Platform Shoes “Rosette”
Bag- Morantique LUSH/Birkin Bag
MP3 Player- [BUKKA]iPod touch ::lucky box::
Eyewear- -NALA-*basic*

6 responses

  1. Go geeky! It’s your birthday! You outrageous! It’s your birthday! Get stupid! It’s your birthday! I think I am going to get this outfit for my boo. Can you recommend some sexy undies to wear underneath? Or should I go with granny panties?

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