The Many Facets of Finesmith

Dani_2.0 here with another look into the stylish life of S/L fashion world……I’ve been away this week but back and as you know fashion never sleeps, even in our dreams the wheels are turning.
They say life is full of surprises and that dreams really can come true, if that is the case……. than Finesmiths Chloe line is that dream. The Chloe collectionare what pixel dreams were made of, the cleverly crafted set comes with


EARRINGS – Not just simple earrings, oh no my friend these are indeed gifts from the goddess Demeter

The multi-featured menu allows you to change the metal from beautiful bronze, cool copper, glitzy gold to perfect platinum. The design  comes with gems in a skittle pack of hues for the most discriminating palate.

BRACELETS – Wrap your essences in this yummyola creation that encircle the wrist with lavish multi-bangled, trimmed along one side with dainty petal design holding precious jewels nestled in the center of each flower. The bracelet has the same menu for changing metals and gem colors at a click of the mouse.

NECKLACE – This piece is so sexy and classy, with boat-neck draped design its a real show stopper at any pixel affair! The tastefully placed shoulder piece with hanging flowers that blossom showcasing precious lustre gemstones.

COLLAR – If the necklace appeals to the lady in you than the Chloe collar will tease and tantalize your inner seductress, hugging the neck with its cool embrace like hands of a masterful lover while the falling gemmed flowers nestle against your throat are the sizzling kisses……..sometimes being a slave to fashion is very very sexy thing indeed.
Key Feature from the designer – This collection is menu driven with 6-12 different gem and metal change options along with the scale option. Something Yula has done is mak eher newest collections lag free! Each piece has only one script in it yet controls texture change, gem change, color, glow, scale and opacity. So now you can teleport, dance, and enjoy low arc.”



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  1. OMG!!!! That collar blew my mind away at first site. Wow! This is the best fashion blog I have ever read. Thanks for posting.

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