>"I’m fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara….."


“……..I could rule the world”

Costume- (Dernier Cri) Super Woman Costume(This weeks-Project Themeory)

Cape- *BOOM* Super Cape (This weeks-Project Themeory)
Bracelet- by U&R DOGS :+*R*+: Invention Bracelets Gold
Earrings- by U&R DOGS :+*R*+: Cake-Walk Pierced Earrings


[elikatira] is Now Open!

I tried to check out elikatira new store and could not as the sim was full, which was disappointing considering I wanted to wear my tiara and cap *sad face*…….But I rallied and cleverly shopped at the online store on Marketplace and pick up 3 of her new hairstyles & one really cool freebie! 
[e] Away                           [e] Mood                      [e] Vivid

[e] SayThe Cool Freebie

Oh course I could not resist having some fun while dressed as a super hero, I scouted the city for hours until I found the one I wanted to take down and wrestle the power from……..
He went down pretty easy (thanks to my taser) and was given a peek at my new hairstyles, he was so flustered he just laid at my feet whimpering

…….ok more like muttering curses but I know deep inside that was his way of saying he was awed by me.
I love this costume never taking it off!!


He so got rewarded for playing along so no emails about poor superman!!!


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