>MAD for U&R DOGS……


If you haven’t been to U&R DOGS at the Beauty & the Beast 2010 Jewelry fair, or one of their many stores across the grid than you are sooo…….missing out!


They say “Like speaks to Like” and that is certainly the case with the dynamic duo designers at U&R DOGS. Ruriko Jewell and Uta Karas don’t create jewelry from prims, they give birth to beautiful complex art with realistic precision…..its artistry to the nth power.  


:+*R*+: Westphalia Lovelet Silver

I own a lot of jewelry and I can tell you nothing in my collection is as perfect as my cherished pieces from U&R DOGS. This Lip Art is my favorite mouth piercing ever! I can custom create looks with a simple click of the menu, Choosing to wear all options or hiding others…..my look can go from simply to sultry in seconds!


:+*R*+: Nail Zemfira W

I’m a big nail buff and have several pair of prim nails, so I can tell you that these nails are at the top of the class. The set comes with rings that are the high quality expected of U&R, each ring can be adjusted individually, nails can be worn or hidden with the rings showing. There are so many adjectives that can be used to express the amazing detailed of the jewelry from U&R DOGS, but a pictures is worth a 1000 words.


:+*R*+: Candide Pierced Earrings Silver

The jewelry has a smart menu that allows for your personal preference in wearing the pieces, what does that mean? Separately adjustable feature……the earrings shown here come with all 9 showing, but the menu allows you to hide several or all pairs, giving you the capabilities of having a diverse combination of at the least 81 combination and more.


There’s no cheesy bling to the jewelry from U&R DOG, each piece is designed to sparkle naturally in whatever lighting situation you find yourself in. As you can see I have hidden the larger hoops and some piercings….very easy and quick!

  – Everyday Accessory –


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