I wanna be Material Chica Barbie when I grow up

I wanna be Material Chica Barbie when I grow up

 As you know I have been stalking the Jewelry Fair the past few days, yes stalking is the appropriate word as I have fallen in love so much with different pieces that I drive my self insane thinking someone one else may be eye humping the very pieces!! 

This first set I will share with you is from (Caroline’s Jewelry), when my eyes caught sight of this glittering masterpièce de résistance “Donata Set in Blue”….well a song popped into my head 

The intricate, yet boldness of the collar fit necklace is so well….beautiful, and it makes me feel like a movie star or Barbie doll!

La la la la la, la la la la la…
The earring are a perfect match to the necklace and are very eye catching, I always feel that the earrings get lost in my hairstyle, but for these gems my hair was happily placed in an updo. I want everyone to see these babies!  

Loving you is easy ’cause you’re beautiful

Is it in poor taste to tp to random friends house and scream “BAM” while pointing at new BFF? Diamonds are a girls best friend forever after all……


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