Beauty & the Beast 2010 Jewelry Fair

I went to the Jewelry Fair a few nights ago for the bloggers preview and had a list of things I felt I needed, because lets face it we all NEED jewelry in out lives, it’s like in the constitution or that other magazine….the magna carta thingy…..
But I digress….I went to the fair with my little list it read something like this:
-Lotsa things
My husband laughed at it and shook his head, I asked him to donate to the cause and his router went out……..That always happens when I ask, think its a virus called “ctrl+Q”
Holding my little list I made my way around the fair grounds, what you should know is the grounds are divide 4 sections, each section having a north and south region, with featured designers in each section. The theme is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête) a traditional tale about life, love and beauty within ourselves versus outward charm.
The Sections
-The Forest-
a winding path through trees and foliage, with gypsy wagons, tinkers’ carts, cabins and straw huts featuring fantasy, ethereal and eclectic style jewelry.
Your Personal Magical Carriage to
-Beauty’s Castle- 
a majestic castle and grounds with formal, fancy and traditional jewelry.
Your Personal Magical Carriage to
-People’s Village-
– charming, old-world Bavarian style shops around a town square featuring casual style jewelry.
Your Personal Magical Carriage to
-Beast’s Castle- 
A vast, dark castle and grounds with gothic, occult and BDSM type jewelry.
Your Personal Magical Carriage to
The purpose of the fair is to:
1. Gather the best designed jewelry and accessories in all of Second Life in one location to introduce them to the community.
2. More importantly its to raise money and support the outstanding efforts of OXFAM International
I know people hear its for a cause and tend to be jaded about the sincerity of such events, but go check out OXFAM website, come see the 17th century provincial French country side, village and castle that was built for this wonderful organization. A lot of hard work, time and devotion went into creating an authentically, romantic ambiance at the fair.
It’s also good to know that 100% of the proceeds from vendor entry fees, auctions for one-of-a-kind items created especially for this Fair, paid sponsorships, and special events proceeds will all go to support Oxfam. Many jewelers are also putting up special vendors to share 50% of proceeds from the sales of specially designed themed pieces and some of their creative best.
There are several Events going on in conjunction with the fair. I l have listed them below with slurls for your convenience.
Jewelry Fair Events –
Pictures of items that are one of kind for the fair – Flicker
Music & Entertainment 
List of daily performances at the fair or check the fair website!
A great collection of classes and demonstrations scheduled for those attending the fair. Whether you are just curious about what it’s like to build jewelry or you are interested in building jewelry for sale in Secondlife these classes and demonstrations are a great way to take a look at what it’s really like and get a taste of the skills required! Daily classes are posted at the fair or check the website for times, location and teacher.
Pucker up for the cause!!
I will be reviewing some items from the fair but felt it was important to speak about the wonderful things Eolande Elvehjem and her team are doing for such a worthy charity without taking away from it with picturesand editorials of jewelry. Likewise the jewelry designers have worked hard to bring their best and should be given their acolades for particiapting in this event.

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