>Ayla’s Grand Opening


Grande Opening Party
This morning when I logged in, I was sorting through my group notices, note-cards, blah, blah, blah when I spotted something with interest…an invitation from SySy….ok so I get excited and read the note-card, SySy has a r/l cousin name Ayla and she is opening a store today @ 11am s/l time and well there was something about being damn proud, a DJ and free gifts. I decided to go cause anyone that claims their r/l relative in SL seems to be A-Ok with me. (I will not mention how my own r/l sister that plays SL dropped me off at the Gor Hub and said “tell no one you know me, if you have questions/need something IM me….no better yet IM my alt…”) 

Ayla’s – Ruffle top – Mint

 Arriving at the store I immediately felt the festive tone in the air, the balloons, the music and the “shake that thing girl” were the small indications that I had arrived at the right locale. Snapping a few pics, I next went into the store and saw the cutest tops! I am a big shirt person and have been known to wear the same one for days on end (I clever get away with it by saying s/l is broke and not allowing me to change my shirt)

Ayla’s – Yara top – Brown

 Upon seeing the limited selection I immediately looked for fat-packs (hint hint) and also how many people I would need to take down if these were limited items. *has a flash back to the Bliss Couture Limited Gown fiasco and sobs*

Ayla’s – SySy Top – AubergineGreen

Its with pleasure that I can happily report that no on was hurt, the tops are not limited editions, there are 2 awesome free gifts, one for coming to the grand opening, one for subscribing to Ayla’s suscribo and lastly the person behind the label is an awesome person to talk to.

 You should definitely add this shop to your “Weekend Deal” shopping outings, the selection is small at the moment, but I think in time we will see more amazing things from Ayla’s and the prices are incredible!!

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