Pixelicious in Paris – The New Guy

The New Guy
Rolling outta bed this morning I was just a bit excited to get
to work today as the senior editor from our Mexico City branch of Mon

Cheri would be joining our Parisian team. I had laid out my carefully
crafted outfit the night before and practiced my introduction to give
when it came to introduce ourselves.
I went out for a quick jog then back home, hit the shower and dressed.

Something about sliding into new clothes that causes my happy meter to go up,
the cute outfit I had chosen was from my favorite boutique * *ICING*, the outfit (Study Date) consisted of a pencil shirt with a poofy sleeve, tastefully low décolletage  with
pearl buttons blouse, accessorizing with a tie belt to cinch the waist, my look was studious yet smoldering. It was I felt very important to present myself in a professional way, yet have subtle reminders that I am all woman beneath the layers.

I opted for a smoothed coif look for my hair, choosing the “Cherry Pie” style from my hairdresser de jour [Shag], the cute little hairpins holding my perfectly curled hair in place I knew and felt that I looked like a million Euro’s. I slipped on my glasses and thought naw it was a serious contact lens kinda day, giving myself the once over and twirling a few times in front of my mirror I made my way down the stairs, scooping up my latest acquisition an adorable
tweed hand bag from LeLutka (CADMIO bag/smoke topaz) in one hand and my mobile ((Caroline’s) Jewelry Touch Phone 2009) in the other before sauntering out the door.

Making my way to the top of the road the fresh aroma from the corner café tickled my nose and I so badly wanted to stop for a cup of coffee and delectable buttery, flaky croissant but held true to course wanting to get to work early. Pulling out my mobile from my bag I dialed Alys number to chat with
her about how awesome I looked, somehow her sleepy voice and constant “are you insane?…Do you know what time it is!!?” comments were not what I was expecting but somehow I managed to keep up a chipper mood in the face of hostility. I was so focused on my conversation that I sort
of lost track of where I was going as I had walked the same path to work every day for the last 18 months I had built-in GPS and was on autopilot, much to my detriment……

I am not sure how it happened but suddenly I was walking along then suddenly I was face eating a hard chest that smelled heavenly of some cologne that men wear when they want to throw women into a tizzy. Looking up as I slide down the length of the lean, fit body I noticed the most stunning grey eyes I had ever seen, crystal clear and hmm was that a birth mark in the right one??

About the same time I regained reality and wiped out in the cross walk, whimpering with humiliation I went to pull myself up and noticed a few things all at once, my knee felt like it was throbbing, my heel on one of my *GF* “Kate”Bow Strap Shoes broke and I was wobbly on my feet, but my skirt had ripped…up the front and my carefully done hair had come undone from the strategically placed hair pins. Sucking in air in big gulps to keep the tears at bay I looked at the catalyst for this most horrid travesty and realized that he was asking me something, still dazed the ringing in my ear gone the accented voice was telling me to follow him to the pavement and brushing me off.

“OHMUHGAWDLOOKATMYSKIRT!” was the only thing that I could muster and
my hot stare rounded on the guy that had bulldozed me down like a maniac. “Look what you did to me!”  I shrieked, shaking now that my carefully laid plan was going all wonky, standing there looking down at me was the guy that had single-handedly ruin my life and he was smirking “Oh what’s so funny!” I snapped wanting to hit him with my other good pump. “I am sorry but you bumped into me you see, however if you would give me your details I will replace whatever the cost is for dress and maybe this time you want to get it in a size that fits. No?” he says in this Antonio Banderas accent,
If I weren’t too mad and ready to spit nails….I can admit this, his voice would have been a real
panty wetter. As such the situation at hand was not a pw moment, seeing my shoe in his hand I grabbed it and railed at him “You are a…a…donkey!!” I screamed and limped away trying to hold my head high and walk with some sort of grace that I could while limping with one pump still on not bothering to look back at the laughing guy.

Hair – [Shag] – Breathe Me

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