>Pixelicious in Paris……..Outfit of the Day #6-9


The day started out well enough, and the evening looking even better as I rushed across 
rue St-Sabin Paris towards Café de l’Industrie to meet up with my girls for our weekly Friday night bitchessions (bitch sessions). These meetings were mini therapy sessions where we sat and spilled the dirty on our lives at work, dating and what boutique had a new shipment of the latest handbags, shoes, and clothes, etc…


Outfit is by – R.icielli – TDR  MARIAH + VANESSA SPC + GERMANOTTA
Jewelry-[ glow ] studio Verona Earrings TDR
Skin-[dekade.] Skins -Dahlia- TDR #5
Hair-fri. – Tatum.2 – Jaded Blond

My friends were all successful and I sometimes wonder why I was allowed to hang around them, clearly I was the charity child in the group, there was Charlee the long legged, blond Australian bombshell that worked for familys Paris branch baby couture company.

Jacket-R.icielli TDR – STEFANI blazer /rose
Shoes -Coquette Noir Shoes Heels: Moxie: Pink Python
Leggings-LG FEMME_Sparro Legs for TDR
Jewelry-$GaNKeD$ Pink Mistress Jewelry Set-MM Board Item
Skin-:: Exodi :: Isolde Soleil

Then there was Alyei or Aly for short…kinda like her height.
 Aly is a sweet, gullible chica that comes from one of the largest cattle farms in Mesquite, TX . She is studying Museology (ummmm I think it’s the study of musing or how to be a muse….) at Ecole du Louvre.
Skirt-{SMS}  Simple Skirt Red for TDR 13 ❤

Shirt-Mimikri – Deauville Blouse sand / TDR blue
Belt-{SMS} Belt Red
Skin- Jolie M04 Skin (by UNIQUE MEGASTORE)
Hair- fri. – Fiona – Sensitive Black

Next is Kali short for Kaliophay but we aren’t allowed to call her that, she will refuse a to answer and give a look that makes your skin feel like its burning…..from the inside out…..so anyways she is physical therapist and vegetarian, from California. 
We don’t really know why she is a PT in Paris but she is….hmmmm? 

Which leaves moi, yours truly, Providence, Rhode Island born and breed, now assistant fashion editor for Mon Cheri an up and coming glossy, when I am not writing for it I have a part-time job as a Travel Consultant, which is how I got the name “One Traveling Chica” a blog for the travel agency I worked for

Jean Jumpsuit-.:Shush:. Sexy Overall darker blue
Shrug-::HH:: Hucci Shrug Turtleneck – Oatmeal
Pumps-::Kookie:: – Miss Vo Multi  pumps
Bag-{SMS} Leather Tote Brown for TDR 9 ❤
Skin-:N:* A urora. 02/06
Hair-Clawtooth: Lovely Liz – Blonde Redhead

So there I am waving to my chica’s from the doorway while making my way over to our table, it’s ours because we sit there every week for our bitchessions, ok so I am sashaying rather cutely in my new Jean jumpsuit from Shush with a new & equally as impressive fitted turtleneck shrug from House if Hucci.

This chica looks muy caliente as the jumpsuit hugs the hips & flares out at the bottom giving way to my new pumps from Kookie.

Feeling all eyes on me and my grand entree I slung my Leather Tote Brown bag from {SMS} over my shoulder while stopping mid stride and striking a vogue pose (at which point the chica’s jump and begin snapping imaginary camera’s….yeah we play this game a lot sadly)

……………………….To be continued


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