Pixelicious in Paris……..Outfit of the Day #5

It was one of those beautiful French morning where everything in my world was fantabulous and I looked the part too if you let me tell it. So there I was strolling down Avenue des Champs Elysees to my favorite little cafe to partake in some morning repast, I saw this guy looking a little lost. He was ruggedly good looking or maybe it was the uniform, let’s face it a man in uniform is a serious panty wetter, so me being the cool and collected chica I am did the only thing I could do…..I eye humped him, slowly from his lips down his broad shoulders and by the time I reached his tapered waist, in my fantasy we were already married, living in  Maine and raising horses…..
Than the unthinkable happened…he caught me staring and smiled, oh be still my quivering heart, it was a smile that started in his bright blue eyes and slowly worked its way to his lips. Jolted from my drooling gaze only by the worse sounding French I had ever heard
Him:…ex…skoo zaym… mwah, parlay vu American?
Me: eh?
Him: (flipping through his little translation book that was for starters upside down) Uh..geez, think it wouldn’t be so hard to find someone that speaks English in this country….
Me: If you are asking if I speak English than yes I do, but I don’t know about American…..*laughing*
Him: Oh thank the heavens you are American! I am lost and can’t figure which way to the American Embassy, not to assume much about you but would you know the way?

There was something very, very sexy about his voice, like honey being poured over you, blinking and smiling like a complete idiot I just pointed in the the direction the Embassy was situated, yeah I wasn’t cool and collected like I would later tell my friends about the encounter, but to you all I can admit the truth. He faces the way I was pointing and smiled a look of relief on his face, stammering I offered to show him as it was just a short distance, he seemed genuinely moved by my offer or so I would like to believe that was the look on his face. Strolling along the avenue we made small talk and he was a Navy Officer newly arrived to Paris for his first assignment, 26 from San Francisco, love music, movies and had a puppy back home name Gilligan.
We never got to the subject of our dating status and I opted not to jinx it thinking it didn’t matter I would not see this guy again and in my version I told my friends he would fall to his knees, declare his love and I little freaked out but moved by his declaration let him down easily. 
(Of course the only one that would believe this tale would be my friend Alyei as she was dingbat like that, cute but not all there bless her little innocent soul, Charlee would smack me and tell me to stop lying and than force the real story out of me…gotta love your girlfriends, they keep you grounded)

As we reached the Embassy, I thought to eliminate any awkwardness at parting way I would  take the lead and look at my watch and declare how I really needed to be in a very important meeting in 5 minutes on the other side of the city. 

Before I had a chance to do this a cute, little blond calls out “Bradley!” and runs over to my guy (ok well after our half hour language barrier experience in a foreign country I naturally felt he was”My Guy”….) ” He turns and sees her in all her petite glory before turning back to me, smiling and saying thanks before heading off to the little blond man stealer……..

Well at least I still look good in my outfit from Icing, my hair was on point with W&Y hair product and my skin is glowed courtesy of AtomicBambi Noori Skincare line, I turn and walk away not bothering to look back so didn’t notice that backwards glance Bradley gave me……..who knows maybe we will meet again.

Dress – *ICING* Ooh la la
Shoes – [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps
Earrings – fri. – Loop Earring -Red
Bracelets – *TD* Perky-Red
Hair – W&Y MODEL HAIR 12-Black
Skin – AtomicBambi-NOORI-Sunblush-BETA


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