>Just One of the Boys…….MHOH4…..Oh it’s On Chica’s!


If you haven’t checked out the MHOH4 (Make Him Over Hunt 4 which started September 20th and runs through to October 20th) you have got to scoot on over the starting point and get in on some great finds. Yes I know its technically for the guys but ladies let me tell you some of the things that can be found are great and versatile across the gender/style table.

Outfit #1
MHOH4 # 69 – [BedlaM]

[BedlaM] Male Leather Baggy Pants – pants come with boots and necklace
[BedlaM] Diamond Vest (Female) 1.0 V
[BedlaM] Dog-tag Sculpted Necklace

Outfit #2
MHOH4 Gift 
=PARX= Corduroy shorts [baby blue]

These shorts are great for the upcoming Fall season

Outfit #2
HardWear Club Man shirt Jacket – Cranberry
HardWear wire mesh tank steel

HardWear wrinkled jeans

I’m also sporting a fab hair style from
MHOH4 # 14 – =^.^= Nikita Fride Designer
[NikitaFride] Hair MHO4

Outfit #4
MHOH4 # 35 – Wilson’s Designs for Men
Wilson’s – MHO4 leather gray pants

Starting point for MHOH4


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