>Hips Don’t Lie…..So [BAIT] Me!


I never really knew that she could dance like this….she makes a man wants to speak Spanish

Como se llama (si), bonita (si), mi casa (si, Daniella, Daniella), su casa

Daniella, Daniella
Ok so not exactly the lyrics to the song, but in these jeans, a girl can seriously get lost in the fantasy

New At [BAIT]
Southern Xposure II: A retake of Southern Xposure
Outfit is from [Bait] brand by Travis Enchanted –(flicker Travis)

Lifted Hoodies and [Bait] Damaged Jeans 
Comes in Red,Yellow,Green,Purple,Black & Blue

Lifted Hoodies and [Bait] Damaged Jeans – Comes in Red,Yellow,Green,Purple,Black & Blue

(The sheer tank not apart of the outfit)

The thing that’s so fabulous about these jeans and the entire line…..is that its made for Men! 
Oh yeah another brilliant designer on the grid taking down those seriously SAD male pixels one garment at a time. The fit, the style and price are everything to bait patrons and keep them coming back for more!


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