>My Masculine Alter Ego


So it’s that time of year again to make that guy in your life over (MHOH_4)….again. LOL…usually this would be a very happy time in our house but because my guy has his own fashion sense this becomes a battles of wills, so in order to keep peace in our little pixel house I have opted to make myself a guy avi.

Noob Me

Time to see how tough it is to be a guy in the pixel planet…….
First stop an AO place to get rid of this duck walk…………
Long Awkward Pose for free AO the noob walk is so not sexy
AO’s for males and females under the age 30 Days
Ok now with this manly stand and walk I can strut on over to the hair fair…
I am going to check out male hair at the fair….this is soo exciting!!!
After a few trail and error I selected this one from Uw.St Denis-Hair size-L black and grab this group gift skin from (x.x) Dead Bunneh (x.x).
Last but not least a new outfit is in order to go with my new hair and skin. I got this t-shirt and shorts get up from Bubblez Design, a group gift along with the new glasses. Can’t help it, guys that wear glasses are super sexy to me.
Viola! The new, less noob looking, alternate male version of your truly. 
Now its count down time to the beginning oh MHOH_4…….

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